Sunday, July 7, 2013


Q: I’ve been asked why I clown?
A: Actually, it was my Granddaughter who suggested that I be a clown, because I am so naturally-silly. Out of the mouths of Babes*

Q: Do I make lots of $$$?
A: Any performer will tell you, most of the time more money is spent than is made when doing a show. Travel, Costumes, and other cost are involved.
I do this because it is a gift to be able to make people laugh, loosen up, get krunk & act a little bit foolish. Good, Clean Fun is what Pinky is all about*

Q: Am I hot in that costume?

A: Putting on a clowning-show, just as any other show, requires a certain amount of discipline. I dress in a way that helps keep me cool in summer and warm in winter. I don’t think about the weather. I only think about making people laugh & smile. Young & old. I just want people to know that I appreciate them allowing to come into their lives and bring them a bit of laughter & joy*

Q: Does Pinky perform for Adult parties?
A: Pinky enjoys making people laugh! No matter what age we are, most of are still children @ heart. That’s the part that Pinky aims to touch with music from oldies to new hits, and just plain stupid-silly fun. Pinky can dance to any kind of music, although Pinky prefers that the songs be the clean versions--got to stay in the GOOD, CLEAN- GROOVE***

Q: How far will Pinky Travel?

A: To Infinity & Beyond*

Q: What’s the best thing about clowning?

A: It’s a real blast to see children’s faces light up when I give the a free balloon, but the best thing for Pinky is when Teenagers are having fun & and getting in on the act. I want them to know that their wildest dreams can come true and that they can do anything that they put their heart into. Often teens don’t want their peers to see them doing anything that is UNCOOL, but it only takes one brave soul to start dancing or playing around and the others jump-in to show that they too can get Silly & Jiggy with Pinky. It’s also a real treat to put a smile on the face of an adult. Often, grown-ups are tired, stressed-out, they have loads of things on their minds. So making them laugh & get silly is Super-Duper Cool in my book*

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