Sunday, July 7, 2013


Q: I’ve been asked why I clown?
A: Actually, it was my Granddaughter who suggested that I be a clown, because I am so naturally-silly. Out of the mouths of Babes*

Q: Do I make lots of $$$?
A: Any performer will tell you, most of the time more money is spent than is made when doing a show. Travel, Costumes, and other cost are involved.
I do this because it is a gift to be able to make people laugh, loosen up, get krunk & act a little bit foolish. Good, Clean Fun is what Pinky is all about*

Q: Am I hot in that costume?

A: Putting on a clowning-show, just as any other show, requires a certain amount of discipline. I dress in a way that helps keep me cool in summer and warm in winter. I don’t think about the weather. I only think about making people laugh & smile. Young & old. I just want people to know that I appreciate them allowing to come into their lives and bring them a bit of laughter & joy*

Q: Does Pinky perform for Adult parties?
A: Pinky enjoys making people laugh! No matter what age we are, most of are still children @ heart. That’s the part that Pinky aims to touch with music from oldies to new hits, and just plain stupid-silly fun. Pinky can dance to any kind of music, although Pinky prefers that the songs be the clean versions--got to stay in the GOOD, CLEAN- GROOVE***

Q: How far will Pinky Travel?

A: To Infinity & Beyond*

Q: What’s the best thing about clowning?

A: It’s a real blast to see children’s faces light up when I give the a free balloon, but the best thing for Pinky is when Teenagers are having fun & and getting in on the act. I want them to know that their wildest dreams can come true and that they can do anything that they put their heart into. Often teens don’t want their peers to see them doing anything that is UNCOOL, but it only takes one brave soul to start dancing or playing around and the others jump-in to show that they too can get Silly & Jiggy with Pinky. It’s also a real treat to put a smile on the face of an adult. Often, grown-ups are tired, stressed-out, they have loads of things on their minds. So making them laugh & get silly is Super-Duper Cool in my book*


I found a video on Youtube that may aid you in finding your comfort zone, concerning “Clowning”.


Please don’t feel anxious because it really is all in good fun. As of now, I should be the only one getting headaches over this business…lol! I love Clowning because I have a vision that surpasses conventionally held beliefs entailing red noses and antics. I see Clowns 4 All Occasions opening doors for a myriad of performers, voice over artists and talented people from all walks of life. How can I think along these lines? First, think of how relaxed people get around entertainers. Strangers will allow performers to hug them, they will turn their wallets and purses over to magicians and kiss movie stars on the mouth.
Entertainers are not restrained by the same common issues and perimeters as the general public…not that they are better or even different, it‘s just that they are given more leeway and the rules are more relaxed. This is why Clowning is an opportune venue to expand options across the board for O.N.S. Entertainment Company, Clowns 4 All Occasions and all artists and performers in Central Mississippi.

Imagine. Dancing, drawing, singing, comedy, improvisation, spoken word and just about any other act that you can think of. Now; slip on a colorful costume, theatrical make-up, a zany wig and shoes, and the same act becomes and attraction of unsurpassed possibilities. A clown can fall while dancing and make it part of the act. A singer can screw up a song and get laughs instead of boos.

People admire anyone with the courage to dress weird, act silly and do the type of bold things that only a clown can get away with. The truth is that any talent can be expressly experimented upon with a bit of glitz and an open mind.

Take your time & feel good about all of it and call me @ 662-289-7000, when your ready…SMILE*


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As for modeling, I’ll be creating a page soon that addresses all the issues I’ve encountered as a performing artist. To say the least, modeling is one of the most expensive careers, because so much traveling, clothes, makeup, and other costs are “Out-of-pocket” just while you are working to get noticed and make a name for yourself in the business. If you’re truly interested…
Check out these and other websites that cater to and recruit models. Konscious Money Entertainment is owned by my good friend, Greg X, and is located in Charlotte, NC. But there are always Local Churches, Clubs and Pageants going on in every town so be sure to start right where you are and build on that because it costs much less to travel across town than it does to travel across the country.

Read no less that twenty books about modeling and auto biographies about FORMER MODELS who tell all they endured while climbing the ladder to success. Iman, Beverly Johnson, Jodie Foster and Candice Bergman are just a few who have written of their trials and tribulations in “The Biz.” There is also a book of warning that I’ve not read yet but I here it is a must-read for anyone looking to break into the video scene, “Memoirs of a Video Vixen.” Feel free to call me (662) 289-7000, early morning is best (4am -9am), before my work day begins. Most importantly, Choose a career that can fund your modeling (so you don’t have to rely on the promises of others) and one that challenges the mind because Beauty can be a CURSE without BRAINS to Guide it in the right path. Look forward to talking to you. God Bless and …SMILE*