Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Big Mama's gonna set you straight

First off, let me start by saying how much I've missed sharing ideas and information with you. You keep me running back to the PC every chance I get: And there are more chances than ever, because my priorities have changed.

I was all worked up because a lot of things went sideways in my life. There were times when I was was sure I was ready to check out; even started getting my Last Will & Testament written...

But I was sick, overworked, stressed & worried.
That's passed and I'm back on track.

So I'm here to update you as Jehovah has given me some words of wisdom to share.

(1) However small you may think your accomplishments may be; however little you think you have or have done in life - You Matter. You've touched lives and changed the world around you. There is someone (although they may never tell you so) who wouldn't be who they are or where they are today if it hadn't been for YOUR Presence in their lives.

(2) Look up at the sky, the stars and accept that you are created in the image of the same God who hung those stars, the sun & the moon. What limits you hold about your capabilities are all in your mind...
Change you mind & change your life.

(3) Instead of aspiring to be the next (whoever), strive to be the best YOU. There's only one you - never has been and never will be. You have one life to be your optimum self. Use it fully & wisely.

(4) Accepting that your are a fallible human being is not the same as accepting limiting beliefs. No matter if you've been told "No, you can't, you won't & don't try,"
 all your life...You are still alive.
You still have another chance to make it happen. Do it!


(5) Lastly:
I need you to know undoubtedly, that you are exactly where you are meant to be
- right here - right now.
Your birth wasn't a mistake. The plans for your walk upon the face of this green earth were laid out long before the day you arrived. Embracing this truth helps put all the hills & valleys in perspective. Understanding that you have a great purpose for being born is the major key to executing that purpose.

Get your goals down on paper, notes on your phone or record them. Creat a system of reviewing your past so it can help navigate your path into a future more suited to your own design.
I Love you...SMILE!!!