Friday, June 28, 2013


HATERS: they cay bring out the best or worst in us, depending on our psyche. The derogatory statements and criticisms can be viewed as feedback or foolishness. Never the less, there is a great value in the bashing of a hater. “What?” You ask, “can a hater do for me?”
For starters, we may think we have very little. Yet, someone hating on us for the things or talents we possess, might prove that they are possessions worthy of envy and that no matter how little we may think we have there are those who have less.
It is said that talk is cheep. Not so. People who are talking about us obviously have us in mind, as they would have to be thinking about us to be talking about us. Personally, as an artist, I want my art, performance or talent to be on the lips of others. Talk will generate interest in my art and that will lead to sales; tickets, CD’s, whatever. No one will buy my works of art if there is no hype about it and haters are great for creating hype.
They may not know it, but it’s there tongue-lashing that will make others curious about what’s going on and basically create an atmosphere of eagerness in those who are already digging what I’m doing.
So let the haters talk…PLEASE!
I cannot buy that type of publicity in any magazine or TV ad. Let them tell all the world why they hate me so others will take a good look. And while they pay to see what’s-up…..Cha-ching!
If people aren’t talking about me that means they aren’t thinking of me. And anyone in this business will tell you…that sucks…SMILE*

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