Monday, May 27, 2013


Born in Chi-town, I spent many of my first years of life in the country and decided to live in the south when I was seven years old. It took a long time for me to get here, but Thanks to the Lord God Jehovah, the timing of my arrival was perfect.

My mother was educated and cultured. She worked in the retail sector and took pride in her role as wife and mother of four. My dad was a man of many talents. A builder, plumber, mechanic and cook, he also had a green thumb. He worked at a steel foundry for 26 years, before moving with his family, back to his home town in Central Mississippi . When their health began to fail, I was bless to care for each parent until their deaths in “91” and “02”.

Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church was my spiritual home and the most significant growth vehicle. Choir training included classical vocals and allowed me to expand the range of my voice. Traveling with the choir tought me independence and team unity as we crossed the country to Minnesota, the Carolinas, New York, Michigan, Memphis, Canada, Indiana, California, Mexico, and the PTL Ministries. At age 12, I worked in a local bookstore and fell in love with the written word and began to write poems, lyrics and short stories.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have done many of the things that I’ve wanted to do in this life- but the real adventure is just beginning. Mature, with all children grown, I’m still young enough to do all sorts of things, yet old enough to avoid many of the mistakes that would have stifled me if I’d attempted these efforts at an earlier point in life. I’ve enjoyed being a primary care giver to children and adults for over thirty years and worked in a variety of industries, including; factory, State, Local and Federal governments, construction, poultry plant, cashier, driver, cook, carpenter’s assistant and teacher’s assistants with certificates in Welding, CNA, CDL, and courses online. I’ve owned several small and Home-Based businesses, managing operations and employees. Other interests include arts, counseling, computers, gardening, community activism, spirituality, reading, collecting small antiques, blogging and selling on Ebay.

I’m looking forward to using my talents and wealth of knowledge to help young people and any others who would like to share in my colorful vision for a better world and a brighter tomorrow.

I’m exceedingly thankful for the information, kindness and encouragement of friends, loved ones, acquaintances, and even total strangers who believed in me, shared with me, prayed for me, and lent a hand to catch my fall when they saw a sister slipping.

May God bless the hearts and the lives of my hard-working and loyal Sons, especially my eldest who has volunteered to take on so much responsibility, even since he was a very young boy. Hugs and kisses to my grandchildren - they are my special source of joy and energy and thanks to my daughter for blessing me with them. Thanks to my man for loving me- not just for who I am, but for what we strive to be as a unit.

Enough about me- but if you read between the lines, as well as word for word, you’ll get to know bits and pieces of me…the good, the bad, and the indifferent.

It was also in the third grade that my teacher, Mrs. Creed, made my mother aware that I would benefit from special coaching. My artwork was far above average as my drawings were of unusual subjects, with depth and clarity. When the class sang, my voice was heard above all others and I was correctly in tune and could follow detailed instructions given by our music teacher, Mrs. Wheaton. The caring teachers at Westcott Elementary School, located on Chicago’s south side, aided my mother in finding Tudors and programs geared to develop my special gifts and talents. Although my Mother worked as a manager for a department store, along with her responsibilities as wife and mother of three at the time, she still sacrificed a great deal of time and money taking me to classes, exhibits, stage performances and art shows. I was allowed attend tours, trips, and retreats. I was also blessed to have exposure to an expansive array of cultural diversity, as the neighborhood we lived in was ethnically diverse.

Having been an entertainer since the third grade, I’ve always enjoyed the smiles that come over faces when they watch a person perform. It doesn’t have to be a great performance. Just having the courage to strut your stuff in front of other people and not care what they think of you is amazing to some people who are terrified of the very idea. Most of the time as a child, I was a shy introvert, spending lots time alone, just enjoying the company of animals and nature. But when there was a family function or crowd of any size I seized the opportunity to belt out a song or tell one of my corny jokes. If music was playing it was time for me to dance. Where there was a group of people, I felt the urge to be the center of attention, and I knew just how to get it.

In 2005 I founded Over Night Sensations, an Entertainment Productions Company. Working with local artists, we produce a wide range of events, and help improve the community. At home on the STAGE, I truly enjoy performing. Good diction, a clear voice, and my love for the sound of applause make me a natural orator.

So far, my life has been Blessed with love, excitement, beauty, joy and challenges. My prayer is that God will continue to Bless me with good health and wisdom, and that I may be a Blessing to others for many decades to come.

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